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Youth Fight for Jobs moved on by police saying demonstrations are ‘banned’ outside the treasury


Downing Street

Youth Fight for Jobs campaigning against the cuts planned in Osborne’s emergency budget were yesterday told that it is illegal to protest outside the treasury, on the grounds that the area is owned by the Royal Parks. Youth Fight for Jobs planned a peaceful protest to highlight the impact of welfare cuts and other austerity measures on young people, and have branded the rules ‘completely undemocratic’. After being forced to move on, we instead held a short rally outside Downing Street.

It is incredible that protests are banned outside the Treasury. George Osborne is planning an austerity budget with cuts on an unprecedented scale. Yet those who will suffer the impact of this are banned from peacefully protesting outside the building where the plans are drawn up. Even before the Tories have carried out their planned attacks on the right to organise in trade unions and other democratic freedoms, it’s clear that the right to protest is severely limited.

The protest marked the start of a ‘Youth Fight Austerity’ month of action which will culminate on July 8th with budget day demonstrations across the country. In London, we’re meeting at 5pm outside Downing Street. For a full list of the July 8th protests planned so far click here

Youth Fight for Jobs’ Treasury protest featured in the Morning Star newspaper

Protest – Thursday 11th June – 5pm at the Treasury

Keep the anti-austerity pressure on Osborne & Gothe Tories before & after the June 20th national demonstration.

Thursday 11th June
Protest outside the Treasury
1 Horse Guards Road

Click here to join the July 8th budget day protests around the country

Protests against Tory’s austerity Queen’s Speech

  • A full list of protests can be found below. Find out why Youth Fight for Jobs is protesting at http://www.youthfightforjobs.com/wordpress/wordpress/?p=1203

  • If your protest isn’t included please email youthfightforjobs@gmail.com so we can add it to the list

  • Please click attending on facebook, share the events, & most importantly join the protests on the day!

Wednesday 27th May – State opening of Parliament (Queen’s Speech)

10 Downing Street


City Hall
Organised by Socialist Youth

Centenary Square

outside Central Station
Called by Cardiff Trades Council


Market Cross – near McDonalds


Assemble in Victoria Gardens, outside Leeds Art Gallery & Central Library

Piccadilly Gardens



Protests on other days

Saturday 16th May – Lincoln
1pm to 5pm
War Memorial/Boots, Lincoln High Street


Zero-hour contract and minimum wage protesters take to the streets

Check out a list of the UK protests for the Global Day of Action – Wednesday 15th April below

On Wednesday 15th April, fast food and other low-paid workers in the USA will be taking part in what could be the biggest day of strikes, occupations and protests in their fight for a $15/hr minimum wage.

In Britain, the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign is working with the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU) in the Fast Food Rights coalition to organise solidarity protests up and down the country. Wednesday’s protests will be part of a ‘Join a Union Day’. We’re encouraging unorganised workers to get organised, so we can reverse the tide of low pay and casual work.

We are campaigning to:

  • Raise the minimum wage to £10/hr for all, with no youth exemptions
  • Scrap zero-hour contracts


10:30am – Marble Arch McDonald’s
12pm – East Ham high street – contact 07540189052
12pm – Poplar College
5pm-6:30pm – Whitehall McDonald’s

5pm – St Martins in the The Bullring

5pm – Meet at Nye Bevan statue

6pm –  Broad Pavement McDonalds (next to market)

11am – Meet at the Godiva statue

12 noon–2pm Queen St Arcade McDonald’s in Northgate

12noon - McDonald’s (1200 Maryhill Road)
1:30pm - McDonald’s (489 Pollokshaws Road)
2:30pm - McDonald’s (Sauchiehall Sreet) then march to…
McDonald’s (209-215 Argyle Sreet, corner of Union Sreet)  from 4pm (ish) – 6pm

6pm – McDonald’s in the town centre

4:30pm – Lower Briggate McDonald’s

2pm– 6pm – Clock Tower McDonald’s, Church Gate

6pm – McDonalds on the corner of Church Street and Lord Street in the city centre – contact 07757207289

6pm - St Peter’s Gate McDonalds

6pm – city centre McDonald’s

12 noon – McDonald’s HQ and the McDonald’s next to it

Wednesday 15th April – 11:30am – High Street McDonald’s
Saturday 18th April – 11am – McDonald’s at bottom of Fargate followed by rally at 2pm in the United Reform Methodist Church on Norfolk Street with BFAWU general secretary Ronnie Draper

11.30am-2pm – West Quay McDonald’s
11.30am-2pm – Shirley McDonald’s

11am – McDonalds in Parliament Square, Hanley

6pm outside MacDonald’s on Castle Square.

We’ll also have protests in Chester, Huddersfield and Middlesborough on Wednesday 15th April, plus Grimsby on Wednesday 22nd April, as well in Barnsley on Thursday 23rd April (12 noon – Costa in Town Centre)

for more info contact Youth Fight for Jobs on youthfightforjobs@gmail.com, if your protest isn’t on here, please send it in!

Youth Fight for Jobs brand Miliband’s pledge ‘not good enough’

Global Day of Action – Wednesday 15th April

Miliband says he plans to put a ‘12 week limit’ on the use of zero hours contracts.  

Helen Pattison, former zero-hours contract worker, said:

“If Labour want young worker’s votes they need to do better than this. Clearly they’re feeling the pressure of campaigns like ours and the huge anger that exists at the scandal of zero-hour contracts.  But Miliband’s promise goes nowhere near far enough. This pledge does not ‘ban’ zero-hour contracts and could even lead to employers systematically firing and rehiring workers after a three month period – in reality adding to insecurity.  As someone who has experienced life on a zero-hour contract I know the feeling of stress and isolation these cause. But this policy will not solve the problem. Workers deserve guaranteed hours, trade union representation and full employment rights from day one. What’s more, we deserve a wage we can live on – I’d like to see Labour back the campaign to raise the minimum wage to £10 now – not £8 by 2020. And it would be good to see them actually backing trade unions putting up a fight over zero-hour contracts. That’s why I’ll be joining protests on 15 April as part of the ‘join a union day’.”

The day of action on 15 April is part of global protests taking place against low-pay and casual work. In Britain, Youth Fight for Jobs is working alongside the Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU) as part of the Fast Food Rights coalition. On 15 April actions will take place across the country as part of a ‘join a union day’ aimed at helping to encourage unorganised workers to get organised to fight for a better deal. Fast Food Rights demands the scrapping of zero-hour contracts, a £10 an hour minimum wage without youth exemptions and full trade union rights for all workers.

Newcastle Fast Food Rights public meeting – £10/hr animation launch – Thursday 19th February

Thursday 19th February will launch the Fast Food Rights £10/hr animation at a Newcastle public meeting, part of the campaign to raise the minimum wage. BFAWU (Bakers’ Union) President Ian Hodson will speak alongside local Youth Fight for Jobs supporter Paul Phillips. The full list of speakers includes;

Ian Hodson – Bakers, Food, and Allied Workers’ Union President

Beth Farhat – TUC Regional Secretary

Dave Anderson MP

Tim Roach – GMB trade union

Paul Phillips – Youth Fight for Jobs

Fast Food Rights public meeting – Newcastle
Thursday 19th February
TUC Commercial House

5th Floor
Pilgrim Street

Join the facebook event and share it! 

Youth Fight for Jobs were out in Newcastle for a day of action with Fast Food Rights and the Bakers’ Union, continuing the campaign to raise the minimum wage to £10/hr, on Saturday 14th February.

Tory workfare and Youth Fight for Jobs in the news!

Sick Tory plans to cut benefits for young people and force them onto unpaid workfare schemes were met with an angry response yesterday. Lots of people wanted to hear what Youth Fight for Jobs had to say in opposition.

Claire Laker-Mansfield on Sky News (part 1)

Claire Laker-Mansfield on Sky News (part 2)

Russia Today

Short clip of Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs regional organiser Iain Dalton on BCB Bradford radio – 1 min 15 secs in

Sports Direct: Pressure mounts on zero-hour contracts

Sports Direct, notorious for its widespread use of zero-hour employment contracts, has been forced to make clear in job adverts what its workers legal rights are. Although these ‘zero-hour’ jobs do any guarantee any work whatsoever, Sports Direct employees do qualify for statutory sick and holiday pay.

Ian Pattison, Youth Fight for Jobs

The company, owned by billionaire Mike Ashley, agreed to this change in an ‘out of court’ settlement after a former worker was due to take Sports Direct to an employment tribunal over its abuse of zero-hour contracts.

However, the company is not scrapping zero-hours – under which nearly 90% of its staff are employed – so the fight to end this casual employment practice goes on.

Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ), which has targeted Sports Direct with protests up and down the country over the last year, will continue to fight for permanent, full-time jobs on a living wage and for trade union rights – the best antidote to exploitation in the workplace.

Zero-hour contracts destroy jobs

David Cameron, George Osborne, and other leading millionaire Tories are too confused to explain how unemployment is down at the same time that wages are falling. But what the millionaires can’t add up is obvious to the millions who have been suffering under brutal austerity and rising use of zero-hour contracts for years. All the main political parties have defended the use of zero-hour contracts, and refused to have them banned.

Youth Fight for Jobs works closely with the Bakers, Food, and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) in the Fast Food Rights campaign. Fast Food Rights next big protest will be Friday 21st November (2 days after students will march for free education) as we lobby Parliament when they discuss zero-hour contracts. Zero-hour contracts must be scrapped, and all workers deserve a living wage of at least £10/hr.

Fast Food Rights protest
Friday 21st November
Parliament, Old Palace Yard

For more info contact youthfightforjobs@gmail.com

If you would like to send us an anonymous story about what it’s like in your workplace, please email us at youthfightforjobs@gmail.com

PRESS RELEASE: Protests taking place across the country as part of ‘fast food rights’ campaign

Protesters involved in the ‘Fast Food Rights’ coalition are taking part in over 25 protests across the country this Saturday, 29 March as part of a newly launched campaign. The protesters are demanding a living wage for all workers and an end to the use of zero-hour contracts. Fast Food outlets including McDonalds , Costa and Burger King will all be targeted by protesters who will also be signing workers up to the Bakers’, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU), who initiated the Fast Food Rights campaign.

Ian Pattison, spokesperson for Youth Fight for Jobs said

‘This day of action is part of building a campaign against the low-pay in security and exploitation taking place across the fast food industry at the present time. We are fighting for decent jobs – with guaranteed hours, a living wage and trade union rights. These multi-billion pound companies are making sky high profits by super-exploiting workers – especially young workers. But this campaign is building the fightback.’

Protests are taking place in towns and cities all over Britain.

A full list can be found here:


London events are as follows:

11 AM – Lewisham protest – meet by Lewisham Clock Tower

1.30 PM – meet at Leicester Square McDonald’s, on the corner of Swiss Court and Whitcomb Street

5 PM – Lewisham Public Meeting – Glass Mill Leisure Centre, 41 Loampit Vale, London, SE13 7FT

Protests across North West for Youth Fight for Jobs and Fast Food Right day of action – Saturday 29th March

Youth Fight for Jobs and Fast Food Rights protests in the North West - 29/03/14

Youth Fight for Jobs and Fast Food Rights protests in the North West - 29/03/14

You can see a full list of the protests across the country here http://www.youthfightforjobs.com/