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Youth Fight for Jobs and Education Campaign Pack

Youth Fight for Jobs Campaign Pack. Your quick and easy guide to being a thorn in the side of the bosses and government

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Bristol says no to workfare

Tom Baldwin Youth Fight for Jobs and Education, Bristol

The YFJ protested against workfare in Bristol on Saturday. Around 60 people marched in the city naming and shaming the companies using unpaid slve labour. YFJE led the demo calling for real jobs, not slave labour.

The demo went up through Broadmead and then round the Horsefair stopping at Greggs, McDonalds and Primark. We then went round past another two Greggs (which is a normal day for me, except I couldn’t go in any of them!) and went in to the Galleries covering Smiths, another Greggs and the Post Office. We handed letters to the staff in all the shops we went to making it clear that we were not demonstratiung against them and calling for them to join in the strggle for decent jobs and decent conditions for all. We finally covered Wilkos on Union St. We finished with a quick rally on Castle Park.

Local YFJE members Tom Baldwin and Michael Wright were interviewed for the local news, view the clip here