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Protests against Tory’s austerity Queen’s Speech

  • A full list of protests can be found below. Find out why Youth Fight for Jobs is protesting at http://www.youthfightforjobs.com/wordpress/wordpress/?p=1203

  • If your protest isn’t included please email youthfightforjobs@gmail.com so we can add it to the list

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Wednesday 27th May – State opening of Parliament (Queen’s Speech)

10 Downing Street


City Hall
Organised by Socialist Youth

Centenary Square

outside Central Station
Called by Cardiff Trades Council


Market Cross – near McDonalds


Assemble in Victoria Gardens, outside Leeds Art Gallery & Central Library

Piccadilly Gardens



Protests on other days

Saturday 16th May – Lincoln
1pm to 5pm
War Memorial/Boots, Lincoln High Street


Full list of protests – Saturday 29th March

Protest March 29th!

Check out a full list of Saturday’s protest below!

Youth Fight for Jobs & Fast Food Rights Day of Action

Scrap Zero-Hour Contracts
A living wage of £10 a hour
Join a union

List of events (more to follow)


11 AM – Lewisham protest – meet by the Clock Tower

1.30PM – Leicester Square leafleting

5PM – Lewisham Public Meeting – Glass Mill Leisure Centre, 41 Loampit Vale, London, SE13 7FT


11AM – Assemble at – Shirebrook Market Place to Target Sports Direct HQ – NG20 8AA


1PM – outside Primark, New Street


12 noon – outside McDonald’s in Western Road, Brighton


12 Noon – YFJ/ FFR Super-Stall – Meet outside BHS, Broadmead, BS1 3HB


11AM – Victoria Square, town centre


11AM – Meet by Café Rouge in Canterbury city centre


11AM – Queen Street, Nye Bevan’s statue targeting BK, FootLocker and Costa


11AM – Scotch Street city centre


11AM – Chester Cross, town centre


12 noon – Shelton Square (by Tesco in Coventry City Centre), CV1 1DG


12 noon – Exeter High Street


12 noon at Sauchiehall Street McDonald’s


Coming soon!


1pm outside Briggate/Boar Lane McDonalds


Meet 11am, the Clock Tower, Leicester Town Centre


12 noon – outside McDonald’s in the Cornhill, Lincoln


12 noon – Sports Direct – Parker Street, L1 1DJ


11AM – Sports Direct, Market Street, M1 1PW


12 noon – Northumberland Street Burger King


12 noon- Yorkshire Street, town centre


11AM – top of Fargate


11AM  – Meet outside the West Quay Shopping Centre, Above Bar Street

St Helens

11AM – Church Square, town centre


2pm – Meet outside McDonalds on Castle Square


10 AM – Outside McDonalds on Kirkgate


2pm - Standishgate, town centre

Students fight for their futures

Sheffield – By Wylie Hume

Students from both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University walked out of lectures in protest of rising tuition fees, the scrapping of EMA and all the cuts to education. This was part of the NUS called national walkout. Sheffield Youth Fight for Education and Socialist Students put pressure on the Student Unions at both universities but was unsuccessful in getting them to support for the walkout. However, Youth Fight for Education along with other groups organised a demonstration of 50 people in Sheffield city centre regardless of the lack of support from the student union executives who were unwilling to fight for the living, studying and working conditions of students. Students marched through the city centre to the City Hall were a rally took place with speakers from Socialist Students, Youth Fight for Education, Unite and the NUS. The students also passed McDonalds where they paused on their march to protest against the company’s shameful participation in the ConDem government’s Workfare scheme which forces young people to work for their benefits. The March gave a real presence in the city centre and many people expressed their support for students in their fight back against the government’s attempts to make students and workers to pay for the crisis of the rich.  During the march many students showed interest in joining Sheffield Socialist Students and joining the fight that will continue against education cuts and putting pressure on the NUS to call further action.

Exeter – By Jake Kellecher

Youth Fight for Education organised the student walkout and march today in Exeter. Pretty much over 100 students (primarily from College) turned out on the day at 11.30am, we then marched from the college down to Bedford Square and had a rally and chants going, before heading back up to College to deliver our demands to the SU. Sadly the bulk of the march disappeared by the time we got to College so we didn’t have the numbers (or legitimacy since the uni turnout was poor) to occupy ExeterUniversity’s Guild.
I think we have a lot of potential from building YFJE and Socialist Students branches in FE colleges, on top of that I think we should build for a massive walkout sometime in November. We acted as soon as we were aware of the lacklustre Come Clean walkout was announced and 2-3 regular leaf letters managed to generate over 100 students on the march, so the potential is there to build for something more effective.

Nottingham – by Helen Pattison

YFJE/Socialist Students called a small demo at 11 which attracted a lot of attention, including from the campus security who tried to tell students it was against the law for them to hand out leaflets. Because it was an open day there were not only lots of students taking leaflets, but lots of future students who would be paying the fees who welcomed the action. The walkout got a good response and showed that the students were keen to keep up the pressure against the fees and cuts being proposed to universities. But there was also a lot of anger and the lack of support from both the NUS and the SU who were disappointed that they hadn’t heard about the action and it hadn’t been built for more widely.

Leicester – by Rebecca Christiensen

Around 20-30 engaged activists gathered at the steps outside Leicester Student Union protesting against privatisation of the university, educations fees and also the cuts in general. We handed out a large amount of leaflets and got quite a few new contacts. Of course, a protest is not enough for Leicester Socialist Students so we are following up with a public meeting about the education cuts and privatisation to provide the political alternative and how we can fight it. Hopefully some of our new contacts will come along so that we can build a stronger Leicester Socialist Students.

Lincoln – by Alex Moore

40 students marched noisily around the campus of theUniversity of Lincolnin protest against the rising of tuition fees and the cuts to education. After the rally which featured speakers from Socialist Students Lincoln, Youth Fight for Jobs Lincoln and Lincoln and District Trades Council, a teach-in was held in the university. Students listened to and discussed different topics such as Housing, Black Panther movement, Attacks on Public Sector pensions, and young people and politics. Socialist students organised and built for the demonstration and teach-in and were able to push the Student’sUnioninto helping organise the demonstration. These shows the key role active socialist students can have on campus. The Student’sUnionhave also agreed to call an emergency meeting and build support for the March 28th public sector strikes, a clear sign that students unions can be pushed into action!


Budget Day Protests: In your area

Join Youth Fight for Jobs as we demonstrate against the ConDem cuts budget on the 21st March. This page will be updated as more info comes in so keep watching this space.

This is whats happening in your area:


Youth Fight for Jobs Alternative Budget

Join us as we put forward a alternative to the austerity budget of George Osborne

Wednesday 21st March

Downing Street,  SW1A Assemble 11:30 AM

Call Suzanne Beishon on 07716 610893 for more info

North West:

Liverpool- 5-6.30pm nearChurch   Street, city centre

Manchester- 5-6.30pm nearPiccadillyGardens, city centre

Skelmersdale – 12.10-12.50 nearWest Lancscollege

Wigan- daytime, details TBC

For more info call Hugh on 07769 611320


Leeds – 5.30pm Dortmund Square (barrleman), Leeds

For more info call Iain on 07809 839793

East Midlands:

Assemble 12 noon outside Council House, Old Market Square

There will be protests in Leicester and Lincoln as well – details to follow, for more info call Becci on 07751 044 309



Youth Fight for Jobs and Education Campaign Pack

Youth Fight for Jobs Campaign Pack. Your quick and easy guide to being a thorn in the side of the bosses and government

YFJE Campaign Pack PDF

Lincoln says no to workfare

Primark, Burton and BHS where the targets of noisy protests against workfare this saturday. Lincoln Youth Fight for Jobs, organised a protest on the highstreet against the exploitation of young people and the unemployed. About 25 people waved placards and picketed these shops, which are at key points in the centre of lincoln, to demonstrate fierce opposition to these government schemes. The protest, supported and joined by local trade unionists, activists, unemployed people and students received support from passers by who agreed that these schemes are a sneaky form of slave labour and that the real answer to growing youth unemployment is to create decent permanent jobs with good conditions to get people into work. Even days before the protest we were receiving calls from the head office of HMV to ensure us that they had pulled out of the scheme and begged us not to protest there! On the morning of the demonstration we’d heard that Primark were so concerned about the effects of the coming protest that they had a full staff meeting in the morning and were planning to take legal action against us if we entered their store. This perfectly demonstrates the effect that workers and young people can have when they organise and protest. We collected details of lots of young people who are angry and want to get involved, and in Lincoln we’re going to be continuing the action and building the fight back. We’ve got primark shaking in their £4 boots, now lets make the cabinet shake in their £400 boots!
Alex Moore Lincoln Youth Fight for Jobs