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Finishing off the week in Newport

Youth Fight for Jobs completed their week of action today in Newport after a week on the road, visiting not only Newport but: Llanelli, Swansea, Pontypridd and Cardiff as well.
Youth Fight for Jobs activist Jaime Davies reports on the final leg of the South Wales week of action, before the Cardiff Austerity Games tomorrow.

“We enjoyed another successful day of action today, In Newport. As in previous days during the week, we received a lot of support from the public. A lot of people, of all ages, were coming up to the stall and signing our petitions against Workfare and EMA cuts. There was a clear expression of anger over the slave-labour workfare scheme that would see young people working 39 hour weeks for big companies such as McDonalds and Poundland for example, only to be paid their job seeker’s allowance and with severe penalties if they chose to opt out, such as having their benefits stopped for 3 months. The anger over EMA cuts was not exclusive to young people but also shared by parents and grandparents who had young members of their family wanting to go to college in the next academic year and struggling to be able to without EMA support. We also saw anger at other issues facing young people, such as the hiking of tuition fees and the potential cutting of housing benefit for under 25s.
We were supported by local trade unionists and were able to stage a small rally with speakers representing both Youth Fight for Jobs and Newport Against the Cuts. Previously, we have not been in contact with Newport Against the Cuts and we look forward to linking up and working with them in the future.
Considering the great response and support we have enjoyed all week, we look forward to the Cardiff Austerity Games. The day should be well attended, political and fun!”

Cardiff says no to workfare

Youth Fight for Jobs and Cardiff Trades Union Council demonstrated outside the Welsh Liberal Democrats Spring conference this Saturday to oppose the governments’ workfare scheme, which has seen the unemployed forced to work for big companies or risk losing their benefits.

Joined by around 70 trade union, young, socialist and occupy Cardiff activists the protest sent a clear message to Nick Clegg and his coalition cronies that the exploitive workfare programme won’t be tolerated, and the campaign that has seen many large companies pull out of the scheme is far from over.

We saw Clegg hurry sheepishly into the conference behind a line of police and security, as the crowd chanted “When Nick Clegg says workfare, we say unfair!” and “Tory!”

The deputy Prime Minister has said the workfare program will help get the unemployed “off the sofa” this shows how millionaire Nick is completely isolated from the realty of unemployment which he has never had to face, maybe he should be asked to work for £2.19 an hour.

The truth is that far from helping the unemployed this scheme will see workers pay and conditions attacked, capitalism relies on unemployment to drive down costs and work fare is a prime example of this exploitation, why hire someone on a real wage when you can get someone to work for free?

The pressure on workers means it is vital to link up with the trade unions and the workers, and why we called a joint demonstration with Cardiff Trades Council, Usdaw activists supported the demonstration, and trade unionist will be vital in building a mass movement to oppose the scheme.

After the demonstration outside the conference the demonstration marched to the centre of town, to protest outside McDonalds, a company that is worth $22.8 billion but still sees the need to avoid paying their workers.

The protesters handed out leaflets, and came up with the chant, “Old McDonald had shop, ee-I-ee-I-Oh! And in that shop there worked some slaves! ee-I-ee-I-Oh! With a big mac here, a fatcat there, here a big mac, there a fatcat, everywhere a fatcat!
Old Mcdonald had a shop! ee-I-ee-I-Oh!!!”

The workfare scheme has demonstrated how the main party’s offer no credible alternative to youth unemployment, but it has also demonstrated that a focused campaign being lead by socialists can have a huge impact on this weak government and even major corporations.


Budget Day Protests: In your area

Join Youth Fight for Jobs as we demonstrate against the ConDem cuts budget on the 21st March. This page will be updated as more info comes in so keep watching this space.

This is whats happening in your area:


Youth Fight for Jobs Alternative Budget

Join us as we put forward a alternative to the austerity budget of George Osborne

Wednesday 21st March

Downing Street,  SW1A Assemble 11:30 AM

Call Suzanne Beishon on 07716 610893 for more info

North West:

Liverpool- 5-6.30pm nearChurch   Street, city centre

Manchester- 5-6.30pm nearPiccadillyGardens, city centre

Skelmersdale – 12.10-12.50 nearWest Lancscollege

Wigan- daytime, details TBC

For more info call Hugh on 07769 611320


Leeds – 5.30pm Dortmund Square (barrleman), Leeds

For more info call Iain on 07809 839793

East Midlands:

Assemble 12 noon outside Council House, Old Market Square

There will be protests in Leicester and Lincoln as well – details to follow, for more info call Becci on 07751 044 309



Youth Fight for Jobs and Education Campaign Pack

Youth Fight for Jobs Campaign Pack. Your quick and easy guide to being a thorn in the side of the bosses and government

YFJE Campaign Pack PDF

Nottingham says no to workfare

Nottingham Youth Fight For Jobs protested along side Notts Uncut on Saturday against the Workfare Scheme still being used by main high street shops. It received brilliant news coverage and a good turn out. People were desperate for leaflets and to join in the chanting outside Wilkinson’s, Gregg’s, McDonald’s and Primark. Many also came to tell personal stories of their experiences being forced to work for free through the scheme and highlighted their continued unemployment as proof that the placements did nothing but help big businesses keep their profits by forcing people to work for free.

Southampton Says no to Workfare

Youth fight for jobs activists, Socialist Students and Socialist Party members from across Hampshire converged on Southampton High Street on Saturday, to demonstrate against Primark, McDonalds, Boots, and all the other massive corporations taking part in the workfare slave labour scheme (all conveniently located inside West Quay Shopping Centre). Young people took turns on the mega phone, explaining the injustice of the scheme, and gathering a crowd of supporters. The demo was covered by the Solent University student newspaper and around 1000 leaflets were given out. Most importantly, many young people signed up to show their support for the campaign, with others pledging to support TUSC in the upcoming local elections.

Lincoln says no to workfare

Primark, Burton and BHS where the targets of noisy protests against workfare this saturday. Lincoln Youth Fight for Jobs, organised a protest on the highstreet against the exploitation of young people and the unemployed. About 25 people waved placards and picketed these shops, which are at key points in the centre of lincoln, to demonstrate fierce opposition to these government schemes. The protest, supported and joined by local trade unionists, activists, unemployed people and students received support from passers by who agreed that these schemes are a sneaky form of slave labour and that the real answer to growing youth unemployment is to create decent permanent jobs with good conditions to get people into work. Even days before the protest we were receiving calls from the head office of HMV to ensure us that they had pulled out of the scheme and begged us not to protest there! On the morning of the demonstration we’d heard that Primark were so concerned about the effects of the coming protest that they had a full staff meeting in the morning and were planning to take legal action against us if we entered their store. This perfectly demonstrates the effect that workers and young people can have when they organise and protest. We collected details of lots of young people who are angry and want to get involved, and in Lincoln we’re going to be continuing the action and building the fight back. We’ve got primark shaking in their £4 boots, now lets make the cabinet shake in their £400 boots!
Alex Moore Lincoln Youth Fight for Jobs

Birmingham says no to Workfare

Youth Fight for Jobs and Education members in Birmingham took part in a 50 strong protest as part of the national day of action against workfare. As well as boasting the highest level of unemployment nationally at 11%, the central Birmingham constituency of Ladywood is also home to several businesses involved in Workfare. With a short tour that took in local branches of Pound land, Greggs and McDonalds (currently estimated to be making £800m profit a month), the protest was used as an opportunity to explain to shoppers the need to fight for real jobs, with the demands of Youth Fight For Jobs being well received.

Mansfield says no to Workfare

Mansfield YFJ members got a great reception leafletting and petitioning outside Mcdonalds, British Home Stores and Dorothy Perkins. We were calling for all companies to pull out of the slave labour schemes and for the government to create real jobs.

When two police constables approached us and asked if we had permission to use the megaphone, we explained what we were doing. We also said we opposed privatisation in Lincolnshire police and other forces, and had visited the picket line during last year’s strike against cuts and redundancies by Nottinghamshire Police Unison members. They wished us good luck and left it at that.

Bristol says no to workfare

Tom Baldwin Youth Fight for Jobs and Education, Bristol

The YFJ protested against workfare in Bristol on Saturday. Around 60 people marched in the city naming and shaming the companies using unpaid slve labour. YFJE led the demo calling for real jobs, not slave labour.

The demo went up through Broadmead and then round the Horsefair stopping at Greggs, McDonalds and Primark. We then went round past another two Greggs (which is a normal day for me, except I couldn’t go in any of them!) and went in to the Galleries covering Smiths, another Greggs and the Post Office. We handed letters to the staff in all the shops we went to making it clear that we were not demonstratiung against them and calling for them to join in the strggle for decent jobs and decent conditions for all. We finally covered Wilkos on Union St. We finished with a quick rally on Castle Park.

Local YFJE members Tom Baldwin and Michael Wright were interviewed for the local news, view the clip here