The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign was established in 2009 in response to the dramatic effect of the economic crisis and government cuts on young people. Since then, the organisation has continued to fight for a decent future for the 99%.

At the moment, one of the campaign’s focuses is helping to organise young workers. We demand:

  1. Scrap zero-hour contracts – for guaranteed hours,  sickness and holiday pay and genuine job security
  2. £10 now – fight poverty pay. Raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour with no youth exemptions
  3. Trade union rights – All workers, young and old, deserve the right to join a union and organise collectively. Only when we unite and fight together can we win better pay, conditions and respect at work. We say no to all anti-trade union laws and attempts to prevent workers organising.

Youth Fight for Jobs is part of the Fast Food Rights coalition, and is working alongside the Bakers, Food, and Allied Workers, Union (BFAWU), to campaign for the demands above, and to help organise workers in fast food and other largely unorganised areas.

The campaign is also engaged in the struggle against government cutbacks, and has organised lots of action to fight against the new round of austerity that the Tories are carrying out. We organised protests in towns and cities across Britain on the day of Osborne’s recent summer budget under the banner ‘Youth Fight Austerity’.

Over the years, Youth Fight for Jobs has developed a reputation as a key campaign in defence of the rights of young people. We oppose all slave labour ‘work-for-benefits’ schemes and have been involved in campaigning to see them abolished.

In 2011 YFJ organised a recreation of the famous Jarrow to London march for Jobs. This 300 mile march was of unemployed young people and took just over  a month to complete. The Jarrow2London blog documented the march and gives a flavour of the depth of solidarity and support the marchers received from working class people throughout the length of Britain.

Through our campaigning work YFJ has won the backing of seven major national trade unions: PCS, RMT, UCU, TSSA, CWU, BFAWU and Unite.

To read more about Youth Fight for Jobs please see our archive.

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